About Emerald Series Homes

Emerald Series Homes are happy to build on a lot you own. In many cases, this is a lot you purchase. Many of our clients are surprised to know there is another option: tear down your existing home and rebuild. It is a wonderful solution when you can’t imagine leaving your neighborhood, but can’t find a home there to suit your needs. If you love where you live, it’s easier than you think to have your dream home and your dream address. 

Building a home on your lot has many advantages over buying a new home in a development or a resale:

  • Build where you want to live, not just where a builder has land
  • Keep the same neighbors, the same schools for your kids, and the same commute to work
  • Use the equity in your home to help finance the new home
  • Customize your home to meet your needs
  • Select your interior and exterior finishes
  • Eliminate the stress of selling your home and increase your lot and home value

In either scenario, our experienced team will help facilitate the permits, mortgage, home design, and final inspection for your new home.

We make it easy to build your home, your way. To get started, contact our team to schedule a tour: (618) 478-6200.

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